Friday, August 2, 2013

Parents – How Should You Play Games with Your Kids?

It's an instinct for kids to play. Game is also a must-have part in children's life. Undoubtedly, there are rules for games. And great game rules can helps kids to develop various abilities. For example, the game of “To Hit My Fingers” can help children to foster their power of observation, attention and judgment. Aside from these, it requires kids to move promptly. During playing a game, children don't have any pressure. They can speak loudly. Of course, this offers a great chance for kids who are afraid of speaking in the public. Their courage gets exercised there. Therefore, parent, do you always play games with your children? Have you already known some key points about playing a game with a kid? Below, some tricks are shared.

Tip 1: pay attention to your words. Since kids cannot exercise like adults, they will meet some difficulties while doing some movements. At this time, parents should guide them by encouraging tone. It’s a no-no to say words like “stupid” to them!

Tip 2: your smile will be great instruction for your children. To make sure your kids can exercise breezily, anybody who guides them should keep sliming to them. Believe it or not, kids will know do’s and don’ts easily from your expression on the face.

Tip 3: tempt, rather than force your children to play a game. When your kids don’t want to join in a certain game, never force them. On the contrary, try to come up with some interesting ways to tempt them. After all, they are the protagonists in the game, right?

Tip 4: bring your child to a group game. Another destination for kids to exercise is to foster their gregariousness. So, it’s unwise to let him/her play separately all the time.

Tip 5: the time for you to play games with children should be fixed. Since parents have too much work to do, you cannot play games with your kids anytime. In this case, to fix some time to play with them can help you to make full use of your time. Besides, your kids will develop a habit to abide by time. They will know they cannot play at any time. Also, they won’t indulge in this case.

Tip 6: game features the same importance with study. Some parents try to persuade their kids not to spend too much time on playing games. But actually speaking, game is another crucial channel for kids to learn. Via games, children will observe qualities of many types of equipment and put what they learn into practice. What’s more, many games can stimulate children’s motility, observation and understanding. So, your attitude for your kids’ games should be hortative, yet not preventable.

Tip 7: the content for a game must be interesting. Kids are different with adults who can do things that are meaningful yet actually painful. For kids, they won’t be attracted by things that are not relaxing or uninteresting. Therefore, the game for children must be interesting. Only in this case will they be concentrated on them!

Tip 8: toys for your kids must be safe. Children are not well-experienced enough. Also, they don’t have great stability. So, as parents, you cannot choose toys that are easy to be bitten for them. Aside from this, toys on which paint is easy to drop or with too long rope should be avoided. At last, move away any item with potential safety hazard.

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