Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Parents Can Manage Technology Risks

The modern technological world goes on developing with rapid advances. More and more people are becoming worried about their privacy day by day. Statistics in this regard are as follows, according to a recent study by The Pew Internet Project and the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society:
  • 81% of parents claim their kids are being tracked by advertisers so often.
  • 72% of parents express their concerns about their teens' interactions with strangers. Parents are eager to find out with who their teens are sharing information, and what means they are choosing for this.
  • 69% of parents are worried about their teens' reputation. They think posts and other means of online expression will have a negative impact on their teens' reputation if these posts are not chosen carefully or appropriately enough.
  • 70% of parents believe damaged reputation will affect their teens' future social activities, such as entering a college, or being hired by employers, etc.

Happily enough, nowadays parents can find modern means of managing technology risks. This refers also to monitoring and controlling teens' private information and activities – there are parents who apply restrictions on their teens' online activities. The sooner parents get down to handling such issues, the better results they will reach and the fewer problems they will face. Statistics in this concern are as follows:
  • 59% of parents choose to talk to their teens and inform them about all possible online dangers. Particularly, they try to warn them about future problems concerning inappropriate posts or contents.
  • 39% of parents state they have already helped their teens in adjusting online setting so as to prevent privacy violation. 
  • 59% of parents claim they have already blocked certain website contents or restricted their teens' online surfing. 
  • 42% of parents have searched their teens' name on the internet in order to find out the online information associated with their teens.

Having all these data and statistics at their disposal, parents will get more illustration on these highly important issues. Thus, they will become more apt in managing technology risks in the modern world.

1. Here are some vitally important points that make parents manage modern technology risks:Teens easily embark more on emailing and texting than on their studies. So, parents can become less concerned whether their teens are doing their homework or are just emailing their friends by just monitoring their children's messages and emails, or even call logs. What is more, teens often lose the sense of time and forget about bills. So, parents can use smartphone features allowing them to get notifications on mobile socializing limits or use such apps like Handyortung Software. Besides, parents can install a list of numbers in the target phone, and enable their children to use these numbers in emergency situations, etc. Finally, parents can keep an eye on web contents that attract their teens, and be sure that there is nothing harassing in them.

2. Sometimes, it's so important to find out whether your children aren't lost on their way, or if everything is OK with them on their way home. Happily enough, modern GPS possibilities enable parents to monitor their teens' locations. The only concern is that such applications can also be used by others to find your teens, so it's recommended to turn these apps off as soon as you get the information you need.

3. Teens may also download information that contains cyber dangers. So, parents are recommended to obtain so-called security packages, like NQ Mobile, that will allow them to control all these activities, and make personal information be out of strangers' reach. Besides, such security packages can be helpful while trying to find a lost or stolen mobile device.

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