Thursday, May 23, 2013


Traffic signs have become a part of our everyday lives. You see them on the road, in parking lots, schools, companies, and anyplace that deals with vehicle and pedestrian safety. These signs constantly remind us to be on the lookout while on the road to prevent unnecessary accidents. With all of the traffic signs we see each day; it makes one wonder what the most used traffic signs are. Below is a list of the 5 most used traffic signs in the US according to a study made by the NYS DMV (New York State Department of Motor Vehicles), and they are:

1. Stop and yield signs: Stop signs are commonly used along intersections with no traffic signals, areas with a relatively low volume of traffic and areas prone to traffic accidents. As the name implies, it tells drivers to come to a complete stop before proceeding, even in light traffic. The yield sign is another traffic sign you’ll see around busy intersections. Unlike a stop sign, a driver does not necessarily have to stop when approaching a yield sign, but he has to be ready to stop anytime to let other vehicles proceed.

2. Speed limit signs: Driving really fast on a public road or highway is a disaster waiting to happen. Speed limit signs are used to regulate the speed at which vehicles are traveling. They indicate the maximum and minimum speed the vehicle is allowed to travel. Aside from the open road, speed limit signs are also used inside residential areas, schools and towns.

3. Parking signs: Parking signs are used to properly designate parking and non-parking areas. These signs can be found in the parking lots of companies, schools, malls and any large facility. Parking signs also help segregate parking spaces for employees, visitors, contractors, emergency vehicles and handicapped people.

4. Warning signs: These signs inform drivers of existing road conditions such as blind curves, hairpin curves, school zones, speed bumps, intersections, merging lanes, single lanes, divided highways, railroad crossings, traffic lights, pedestrian and animal crossing, etc.

5. Guide signs: Often seen on interstate highways, these signs provide drivers with the information they need to get from one place to another such as: locations, directions, distance, routes, exits, etc.

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