Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some more SmartWaches other than Sony’s

With hoards of Smartphones being launched every other day, the mobile industry might call it time when people have something else to look forward to other than a glossy, new handset. The up rise in the number of spyware which have ingeniously earned their share of the market has made people to look more carefully at their choice of Smartphones. With iPhone spy apps breaking into iOS very easily, Apple is looking for new ways to introduce itself to it’s fans and so is Samsung.

The SmartWatch

Samsung and Apple are reportedly working on the development of a digital watch. A digital watch might seem to be child’s play for two of the Smartphone industry’s titans. The newest member of the tech family will be a digital watch that allows the users to make calls, check your location and view the map.

Both these giants of the tech world might have been inspired from Sony which introduced the same kind of watches with a number of other features almost a year ago. Even though the Tokyo-based company has given the best in terms of technology, the Smart Watches have failed to stir the interest of the masses.

Measuring around 1.3 inches, the watch by Sony has a touch sensitive screen. It wirelessly connects to Android Smartphone via Bluetooth. It alerts the users of incoming calls and allows them to reply to texts by choosing from a list of pre-typed messages. It also has the ability to stay connected to Facebook and Twitter. One can even control their smartphone’s music library just by some taps on the screen.

Sony’s LiveView Watch

In 2010, Sony launched a dinosaur version of it’s SmartWatch. While SmartWatch is the size of an iPod nano, the LiveView was bigger in size. It offered less features and a few flaws. The newer models of LiveView watch are more stylish but users still complain of glitches like inability to send messages, a weak battery and the requirement of a stable connection to tell the exact time.

While users are skeptical about the watch, tech market gurus say that Sony acted fast to make a product like that but it takes a lot to make believe. As the world is moving towards advancement in technology, people want a gadget that has a solution to their functionality-related problems. Moreover, the product has to be marketed well in order for it to make a solid ground in the tech bazaar.

Where Sony went wrong

According to Sony’s spokesperson, the watch is an accessory for the smartphone and very high hopes were not held for it. Sales were not that bad though. Sony’s promotion of it’s creation is doubtful. The company does however, expects that there will be a rise in the sales as more than 200 new apps are being introduced in the watch. The fact that the watch is only compatible with Android devices might give the product a backward push. Walkman and Discman technology ruled the world for many years before iPod fed on their market. Sony had the advantage as the first-advantage but the market has not been able to accept the new entry.

Though Sony’s watch has not been able to impress consumers, it’s competitor’s are hoping for a much better reception than what Sony got when it’s launch of the watch.

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