Wednesday, May 15, 2013

iPhone 6: what new features will there be?

American business history may recall Apple as one of the most successful marketers ever. With iPhone, the company has performed a remarkable magic trick: Making the late-starting mobile seem ready to take over the world. The first generation of iPhone was released on June 29, 2007 and the most recent iPhone, the sixth-generation iPhone 5, on September 21, 2012.

It is rumored that the next iPhone is to come out in 2014. There's even word that Steve Jobs left instructions for the iPhone 6 before he passed away, making it possibly the last iPhone he played a role in. It seems that while the iPhone 5S is a short-term prize, the latest iPhone 6 rumors point to a phone that will be well worth the wait for iPhone users. Here, we take a look at what new features will there be that deserve our expectations.

Many Apple fans and smartphone consumers have been waiting for Apple to follow the likes of HTC and Samsung and release an iPhone model that features a larger display. In a world dominated by beautiful apps, video, and the web, large screen phones, say, Galaxy Note, are undoubtedly welcome to users. It is said that a larger display, possibly 4.8 inches, will be equipped on iPhone 6.

A new DigiTimes report claims that the Apple is working on integrating wireless charging, alongside Nokia. Wireless charging is a new trend of how you juice up your device. It is said that Apple will follow the trend and develop a true wireless charging in which there is no involvement of wires during the charging process. And the charging mat should have electric current storing capability allowing it to be used wire-free during charging.

Another surprising improvement that will take iPhone to a whole new level of mobile security is the thumb scanning technology. You may set a password to prevent unknown access to your phone and also, just like in Windows 7, you have to recover Windows 7 password when you forget the login password, in previous iPhones, forgetting password is a rather troublesome thing. While, with the thumb scanning technology, you can then unlock your iPhone by placing your thumb on screen to allow iPhone to recognize your thumb patterns.

With more smartphones gaining momentum for better camera specs, it seems that analysts and reports are also hopeful about the future iPhone 6. It will surely be good news for photo lovers. iPhone 6 is said to possibly have imaging sensors for 1080 videos, involving 2-megapixels and 60 frames per second for its FaceTime camera.

We can see that more and more phones tend to have waterproof and bendable technology integrated in them. According to the reports from, the iPhone 6 will be waterproof and bendable. And the iPhone 6 may be able to survive 12m drops as well as 10m depth underwater.

Though whether these new features will really be added to the new iPhone still needs more confirmations, let's look forward to the iPhone 6 and its extraordinary improvements to be unveiled in 2014.

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