Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Introducing Twitter #Music App

Are you a Pandora guy? Love it or hate it, some seem to think music discovery services available today aren’t enough- or up to par. It is the folks behind Twitter who’ve step up to make amends this time. Their solution is Twitter #Music, a music discovery service like Pandora, though with a different approach. Why Twitter? Why now? Well, they have data, lots of them. Think of millions of followers popular artists have on the platform. Lady Gaga alone has 25 million. Justine Bieber seemingly has overtaken her now. People love music. And they love Twitter. Why not take this relationship to the next level? Twitter Music launch isn’t a big surprise after all. The social media giant had acquired ‘We Are Hunted’ last year, a start-up company recommending music from Rdio, iTunes and Spotify based on Twitter followers. Had you observed closely, you would’ve seen it coming.


Services like Pandora make recommendations on music tracks based on previous tracks you’ve listened to. Twitter #Music instead recommends you music based on Twitter follower data. For instance, through the new service you can discover new artists and bands your friends have been following, yet you’ve never ever heard of. Or you can discover what your favorite artists listen to apart from their own music. It is a new way of discovering music. The app enables you to listen to a preview of the song up to 30 seconds. Options to buy the title off iTunes or listen to the full track via Rdio or Spotify are provided as well. For the latter you need to be a paid subscriber for Rdio or Spotify.

The Music App offers music recommendations under several tabs. For instance there is a ‘Popular’ list based on trending activities on Twitter. ‘Suggested’ tab lists artists similar to ones you are following. The app interface is simple, initiative and is a pleasure to use. However, that is not to say it is perfect. There are also some missing features most users would’ve loved to see. For instance there are no options to follow artists only from within the #music app, or tag them for listening at a later time. It has only been weeks since launch and hopefully it would get better over time.


Folks behind Twitter #Music have decided to start big and expand. That could be one of the reasons why they chose Good Morning America, a show with huge viewership to announce their new service. Along with the announcement they released a dedicated iOS app to access the service. It was speculated earlier that 300 million Twitter fans could see to the success of the new service. It was also highlighted as good news for Spotify and Rdio, since they get to expand their reach. It is still too early to comment on the success of the new service which in fact is limited to few countries yet. However its iOS app seemingly has hit few bumps just days after launch. Accordingly Twitter #Music app has lost its place among the top 100 free apps on US showing a decline in popularity. The service has also received positive reviews for its ability to recommend music based on followers’ data. It is also a great way to discover music interests of your favorite artists and bands, something you couldn’t do with Pandora. Twitter #Music isn’t the best thing out there, yet. It needs to work on refining existing features and adding new ones to be a game changer, but that’s not to say it isn’t useful at the moment either. Overall, it has the potential to become a great music discovery service, and hopefully we would see it expanding over many other countries as well.

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This post was provided by James Weaser. He is software developer of IQmango team. Now they are working on IQmango Music converter project.

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