Saturday, July 6, 2013

OTON: The Future Gaming Console!

Everybody has heard of OUYA $8.5 Million story. OUYA is an Android-based videogame console which reached the record of fastest project to ever reach the million-dollar pledge mark (8 hours 22 minutes) and having taken in $2,589,687.77 worth of pledges in the first 24 hours.

Oton Gaming Console

A company in Alabama has promised to release a gaming console from future. They call themselves EnGeniux team.

OTON is powered with custom software built on top of a custom version of Ubuntu OS, called "Otonomous". The system will undergo updates regularly to support many game formats.

OTON is said to be capable of running Linux, Android, HTML and even other kind of apps too.

While interviewing the CEO, Derrick Samuels he told me:
OTON development is different. OTON is more like a virtual assistance for developers. So the process will be easy. We are working to have Android support and Linux games. When you call OTON a will stand by that name! Play anything!

The best part of OTON is that it can generate the games instantly without any human effort.

OTON will be the first game console to support artificial intelligence capabilities. The system learns and will add an extra layer of challenge for only the worthy gamers. Enhanced game levels, characters, and game-play are just a few challenges only the elite gamers will dare challenge.

In future, OTON is expected to include updates, game music creation, photo creation, website creation, educational gaming creation, document creation and media content creation!

The games would also be updated with daily updates which will cost nothing!

An internal camera on the front of the system is designed to make motion gesture gaming possible as well as direct interaction with the operating system/ user interfaces.

Oton with white controller

The game can also create a blog or website to publish his games and thats too for FREE!

The OTON system will unlock unlimited possibilities for gamers, educators, and business, medical and game developers unlike any other console before.

The gamer can also transfer his game or app to his/her smartphone. It would also support online multiplayer games.

I wish these innovative guys the best!

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