Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Guns of Icarus Online Game

Guns of Icarus is one the best and the most thrilling multiplayer games that delivers real co-op and the most aggravating experiences.

On its deck, most have a role to play. Some will have to man its guns, steer the hulking bird and take necessary action when objects catch fire and alas go to hell. When individuals slack off or work haphazardly, the lives are over. In spite of few glitches and frustrations owing to inconsistent crewmates, there is still a level of satisfaction that occurs from handling an intense battle with the ships held together by chicken wire and duct tape.

Different Duties performed by Gunners, captains and engineers

From scrappy vessels to the flying sluggish fortress, every airship you choose features a distinct visual design, maneuvering and the deck layout. Duties performed here are categorized into three classes that will help in defining your role better. Captains have to indulge in maneuvering the ship while in battle so that gunners get great shots right from their position, making the orders as required, scouting the enemies to mark and flying the airship. But if you are a crappy captain you will earn yourself the ire with the possibility of spurring the mutiny. All the gunners in the scene are specialized in hot leads, pumping rockets and jetting fire into enemies. The Engineers here use handy tools like hammers, fire extinguishers and wrenches to rebuild and fix stuff that is destroyed when you are bombarded.

While duties of engineers, gunners and captains are entertaining stuff in their own rights, it’s all focused but very limited in scope. For instance, it hardly takes any time to get through different properties of each class, after a series of stages and you will realize and wish that you had more content to deal with.

The limitations 

Right now, raking up in the class does not unlock anything or even have a major impact on the character. With different objectives around every stage, most multiplayer games are the same and the tiny choice of map locations are very well designed and are distinct visually.

Guns of Icarus does a great job in shooting the excitement of airship crewing in the motoring combat above the clouds. The rough edges demonstrate work in progress which is much more than visual bugs, finished games and the glitches around. The awkward actions are jarring, considering how polished and beautiful the game feels and looks.

Not considering proper tutorials to demonstrate how the systems and gameplay functions getting acclimated to different roles is slightly puzzling from the moment it starts However, a positive sign is that developer Muse is working full-fledged to improvise the game and increase content to make the game a better one, give greater experience and also get involved better. That is more fun but one would think that there is a long distance to be covered before the game reaches its final potential.

The final verdict

This game has a lot of attractive elements that few other rivals can match. It feels unique, very refreshing and gives a co-op experience. But in spite of the impressive execution and visual beauty, the game drags a bit and tests your patience.

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