Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Impact of Mobile Devices on Cloud Technology

Cloud computing technology is widely popular owing to the fact that it allows the easy access of data from any location in the world. The access can be made by any electronic device which has an internet connection. It can either be you PC, your smart phone, your tablet or even your iPad. A recent survey conducted by Goldman Sachs reported that 66 percent of the users make use of mobile technology to access the cloud data. Mobile devices have very much influenced the development of cloud technology in many ways. Following are some on the impacts that mobile devices have had on the use and development of cloud technology.

Mobile cloud computing

The development of mobile cloud computing is a major impact that mobile devices have had on cloud technology. This is considered as a development of mobile computing and an extension into cloud computing. The mobile devices made use of here can be anything ranging from laptops, mobile phones, and I pads. In order to use cloud technology, the mobile devices need not have much requirements. And so nowadays, even non smart phones which have access to the internet can be used for cloud computing purposes.

The popular apps

There are many apps which cater particularly to mobile computing users. Theses apps are similar to the ones which can be purchased or downloaded from a mobile application store. Here the processing power of the apps is not driven from the mobile device, but from the cloud. Two such popular apps include the gmail and Google Voice for the iphone.

The latest trends

It is seen that many companies are opting for mobile computing technology due to the high demand of the services, both from the customer side and the employee side. Mobile cloud computing technology is also gradually changing the work pattern in companies. Most people are opting to work remotely by using mobile cloud computing applications.

The use of mobile devices has also made the cloud technology a medium of money mobilization. Many companies have hosted cloud applications that will enable the user to view and pay their bills and dues with the help of their smart phones.

The security

Even though mobile devices have greatly helped in the development of cloud technology, it also poses some security risks. Increased access to private computing assets through cloud technology is posing as a huge security risk.

The steps taken

In order to improve the security of mobile cloud computing, many service providers are making use of data location policies. In this way, the data which is accessible at one particular geo location will not be made available at another location. Service providers have also enabled security settings which enable the user to customize the security settings as per their requirements.

The future development

It can be said that the future development of mobile apps depends on the processing power of the cloud itself. The ability to use these cloud apps from even non smart phones will increase the popularity of the apps to a great extent.

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