Monday, May 6, 2013

Asus FonePad: Short Review

The FonePad is another 7-inch Android tab by Asustek Computer Inc. but it beats Google Nexus by including voice calling, expandable storage and a better design at the same price. At the back of the tab, we will see a prominent 'Intel Inside' logo. This is the first tablet powered by a single core, 1.2Ghz Intel Atom processor.

It has a high-quality silver-grey metal case with only a small removable plastic panel for the wireless antenna, micro SIM and micro SD. Being only 10.4mm thin throughout, it's also easy to hold the device. The LCD screen is bright. The 1280 x 800 resolution results in a pixel density of 216 PPI.

It comes up with useful softwares by ASUS.

Asus Splendid lets you change the hue, saturation and color temperature of the screen. You get a built in call blocker, App Password Locker, several ASUS homescreen widgets. It also comes up with additional settings which allow us to set outdoor mode for the screen, screen saver, etc.

The device is not blazing fast but great for the price.

Rating: 4.0

This is was a very short review by @hackingtag

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