Friday, April 26, 2013

Top Free Android Mobile Apps

Android is a few years old now and like the mobile OS, the apps also have evolved and have become more advanced. But there’s always a lot of chatter about which are the top Android apps of all time. This is a very personal and opinion-based choice. Yet, we have compiled a list of the top Android apps based on their popularity, application, and number of downloads.


Banking, more appropriately, wallet management apps are dime a dozen but one feature that we find lacking in most of these apps is very important and that is budgeting. The basis of a money management app is budgeting and if your app cannot do it, it is as good as useless. Mint has a host of features where you can program the total amount of money coming in and also categorize the money you spend efficiently. The features are extremely well designed and so organized that if you want to spend some money, you can take a look at the app and decide instantly whether you can afford that item or not.


Note-taking apps are very popular across all mobile platforms. But Evernote is something of a gold standard in the world of note-taking apps. There are features that can help you with tagging and attaching each and every article with notes and tags. The bottom line is that content management is a breeze with Evernote. A free account allows you up to 60MB of uploads a month and a pro account will give you a staggering 1GB of uploads on an annual basis, although it costs $45.

Polaris Office v4.0

Office suite on your smartphone or tablet is a must-have, especially in today’s world where the mobile device is imperative to the business scheme of things. This office suite that costs you around $13 on iTunes store is free for Android. There are all the tools you expect in an Office suite, like a word processor, PowerPoint, and spreadsheet features as well. There is one drawback though. The app works only on a few devices. So, if your device supports Polaris Office v4.0, make sure you install it.


Want to make phone calls that are safe from tapping and interception? Use RedPhone. Although this app is still in its beta version, you can make encrypted calls to the other RedPhone app users. The call quality and other associated features are pretty decent, especially considering that this app is available free of cost. It still needs a little tweaking and this is why it is available in its beta version.

Slacker Radio

With a number of human-curated stations that can be accessed through the Internet, Slacker Radio allows you to stream music belonging to a wide range of categories. The most attractive feature of this app is that it allows niche streaming. You can stream music or audio belonging to a specific niche. You can also stream sports, talk shows, news, and other stuff using Slacker Radio.

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