Thursday, April 11, 2013

Questions about your Targeted Audience

In every business, it is very important that you determine who your targeted audience is. This is also true when trying to reach your customers in the World Wide Web. Here, you can find out why you need to know who they are and what you need to find out about them.

Question # 1

Why should you determine you targeted audience?

If you think that you can sell your product to everyone, well good for you if that is the case. But you might rethink that again. Not all products can be sold to everyone. There must be a particular group that would be more interested in the product that you are selling, a group that might need it more that others.
You need to find out who your potential customers are. When you get to know who they are you will have a better idea of reaching them. You can create advertisements that would attract their attention. You can choose the right form of media. If you’re advertising online, you can have a better idea about which form of ads you will use or which website these ads will appear.

Question # 2

Who is your targeted audience?

This is a very important question. Get to know who they are. There is various information that you can gather about your target. You can group these people into different segments. Some of them have something to do with demographics.

How old are they?

People of different ages can act in different ways as well. Even children have different age groups that toymakers target. They would respond in different ways to different toys.
Are you targeting the male or the female species? These two groups do respond differently to various products that are presented to them. Take clothing, for example. There are men’s clothing and there are women’s clothing. There are advertisements that appear to be feminine and some that appear to be for the masculine type.

What do you do? How much do you earn?

These questions are important to answer as well. There are products that appeal to a painter and there are products that appeal to an accountant. And depending on how much you earn, you can buy a cheaper or a more expensive product.

Are you married or are you single? If you are married, how many children do you have?

The married and the singles have different needs and different responsibilities. The single usually provide for only one, himself. While the married ones, of course, have to consider the spouse and their children. Budget may become kind of tight for bigger families.

Where are they located?

You need to know where your potential customers are located especially if your product is distributed internationally. You can concentrate on a certain area and find out more about it so you can make plans and adjustments regarding advertising and even distribution of your products.

 These questions can help you as you deal with your audience. You can even formulate your own questions that you think would help you in your plan. Get to know your targeted audience.

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