Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Using Tumblr To Promote Your Blog

Even if Tumblr is not that famous as Facebook or Twitter, it can be used as a powerful and inexpensive way to promote your blog online and increase your reach among today's savvy Internet users. Because Tumblr usually focuses more on simplicity, its true potential is almost always overlooked by modern bloggers. Instead of Tumblr, they choose Wordpress, Blogger or Typepad. However, Tumblr represents much more than a community to share images or a blog platform that offers fully customizable or professional templates.

As each other social networking platform, Tumblr has its own distinctive features and benefits. First and foremost, this huge blogging platform is beneficial for website owners, because it links back to their website with ease. These inbound links help a website rank higher in search engines. Secondly, due to its easy to use interface, Tumblr has broken new ground. A Tumblr microblog can lead to thousands of visitors who are eager to read the whole blog post on Wordpress or Blogger. The platform support high-res images and has a huge community eager to distribute anything that is new, so you don't have to worry about getting viable leads from Tumblr, because you will certainly get them.

Because Tumblr offers a wide variety of features together, you need to know how to leverage this unique social network to promote your blog. Using Tumblr to promote your own blog is not such a daunting task, because you can use several strategies and techniques.

Redirecting Users

New users who want to join your page can use a wide variety of channels. From RSS feeds and domain names to Youtube videos, anyone can link to your Tumblr account and then to your own blog. Moreover, Tumblr can be easily linked to your Google Analytics account in order for you to study the statistics and the feedback from your visitors.

Repacking Content

Tumblr is an amazing way to drive huge traffic back to your blog without breaking your budget. Both the "contact" and "about" pages can help your potential readers find you easier. Make the most out of Tumblr in sharing your content from your blog.


Reblogging is a groundbreaking feature of this huge social network specially designed to ease the process of sharing a micro blog on Tumblr, helping it go viral. For those who are new to Tumblr, reblogging is an essential feature to promote their blog. Even if this feature is similar to a retweet, the difference is that we can see the entire history of a specific reblogged post. Be reblogging, you will increase the fame of your blog, stream your ideas more easily and attract more users to read your original post on your WordPress or Blogger blog.

Built-InsMake the most out of tens of plugins which are specially created to help you link your Wordpress blog with your Tumblr profile. You can link your Tumblr micro-blog to Google Analytics and other built-ins tools on Wordpress and Blogger, which will help you save precious time when promoting your newly created blog post.

Tumblr Themes

Want to easily promote your blog on Tumblr? Use only those themes that look simple and are attractive. Sometimes you might find a theme that you really like and looks unique, so don't hesitate to spend a few dollars on it. A premium theme can help you stand out from your competitors and can make your site more presentable and appealing to your readers.

Make the Most Out of Disqus

Another way to promote your blog on Tumblr is to insert Disqus into it. With Disqus, anyone who is not part of this large community can have a chance to express his opinion regarding your blog post.

Tag Your Posts

Just like any other social platform today, Tumblr uses tags, which are extremely beneficial and can be used by any blogger who wants to organize his blog better. If your blog cover a wide range of topics and you want your readers to find your post easier among the multitude of posts out there, tag your posts. Use between 5 and 10 keywords.

Go Mobile

An increasing number of blogger prefer to use their mobiles over laptops or desktop PC's to promote their blogs and posts on the Internet. If you have a Blackberry, Android or iPhone device, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet, promote your posts on Tumblr right from your mobile device, while on the go. You will save precious time and you will get a faster exposure, because almost everyone is going mobile.

Get Listed in the Tumblr Directory

Of course, increasing your exposure outside Tumblr is not such a bad idea. However, you should also try to promote your blog within this top-notch social network. Besides reblogs, likes and comments, probably the most easy and fastest way to gain more followers and more fame is by getting listed in the Tumblr directory. The $9 fee is a good price if you want to get exposure in the Tumblr universe and promote your blog inside this big blog hosting platform.

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